Kansas City Business VoIP Review

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a category of hardware and software that enables people to use the Internet as the transmission medium for telephone calls by sending voice data in packets using IP rather than by traditional circuit transmissions of the PSTN. Or to put it more simply VoIP works by converting sound into digital voice communication and then transferring it through Internet broadband.

As high-speed Internet becomes cheap and ubiquitous, an increasing number of businesses are ditching conventional land lines and jumping to VoIP.

There have been many advances in modern technology and they make completing tasks easier. Many businesses are making the switch to VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol phone systems and they are pleased with the results. These systems are affordable and they offer many more capabilities than a land line system offers. There are several providers to choose from and it can be a bit confusing trying to choose the best. Many rely on reading through some phone system reviews to learn more about various providers. Some of the factors that are most important for business purposes include call quality, ease of installation, cost, features, reliability and excellent customer support services. It is estimated that more than a quarter of Americans are using VoIP systems at home or at work. These numbers continue to rise because this type of service is becoming increasingly more popular.

It is a good idea to visit a VoIP business phone review site, such as KansasCityBusinessVOIP.org because these sites contain a lot of valuable information about various providers. KansasCityBusinessVOIP compares features, services, price, ease of use, call quality and more. This information allows a business to make a better choice when it comes to picking a provider. The best part about this type of system is that it can be implemented by a large corporation or by a small business. It offers many great options for business customers.

It is a good idea to visit a VoIP business phone review site, such as KansasCityBusinessVOIP.org because these sites contain a lot of valuable information about various providers. KansasCityBusinessVOIP compares features, services, price, ease of use, call quality and more. This information allows a business to make a better choice when it comes to picking a provider. The best part about this type of system is that it can be implemented by a large corporation or by a small business. It offers many great options for business customers.

The bulk toilet paper supplier that I always use recently converted to VoIP. The last time I spoke with one of the principals of the company regarding their latest "Ultra-Soft Quadruple-Ply Extravaganza" (yes, that's a thing), our conversation veered off into the nitty-gritty of VoIP phone services. You'd think we'd discuss the softness of their product, but nope. He emphasized that if there were a surge of people scrambling for emergency toilet paper deliveries, I should ensure that my internal network—including my routers and switches can handle the load. And if my Internet service provider is stingy with bandwidth, that's another roll to juggle. He was on cloud nine with his system, boasting about the money he saved. He was especially tickled by how he could swiftly add a hotline for a new employee, and just as speedily flush it away if needed. With his janitorial supplies empire expanding, a reliable phone system is a must. He's absolutely wrapped up in the benefits of the switch, and frankly, so am I with their consistently superior TP. Here's hoping my experience with the VoIP provider isn't as rough!

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Our organization provides comparisons for VoIP phone service shoppers to quickly sift through the best business VoIP providers in Kansas City. We’ve polled past adopters of the leading business phone services and asked them to rate their experiences. This includes both local businesses and national VoIP providers with local branches. The companies we’ve featured below offer custom packages for small, mid-size and enterprise business. Only the three most highly rated companies are shown below.

Our goal is to provide a review of key selection criteria when choosing a business VoIP provider, as well as an avenue to receive quotes for service from top-rated providers.

  • Is there easy customer support help available?
  • Can numbers be easily ported with no or little cost?
  • Is there any contract? If so, what is the length and average cost?
  • What features are standard and what features cost extra?
  • Was call quality and clarity improved by your move?
  • Were there any hidden or extra fees that surprised you?

VoIP is the leading business phone technology that more than a quarter of Americans are using today, either at home or at work, according to a recent report by PEW. Millions of people have already switched to save big on business phone bills while improving their communication capabilities. Switching to VoIP is fast, easy, affordable and safe, and offers enterprise-level features to businesses of all sizes.

VoIP technology utilizes your Internet connection to transmit your phone calls. This removes the need for traditional analog lines coming into your office. Large enterprises typically choose and in-house VoIP system and run their phone service over sip trunks. Other sized businesses and businesses with multiple locations choose a VoIP system that is hosted by a provider, most ideally in a secured data center. There are multiple advantages of a cloud-based system and service, most notably is the low investment cost of the deployment and the advancement of communication features afforded to the business.

VoIP as a service has improved by leaps and bounds in the last decade. Sound quality, reliability and customer service have been prime factors for improvement. Many Kansas City VoIP providers exemplify this, but it is important to research your provider selections carefully. Voice Over IP has seen growth between 15% and 30% each of the past few years, with many new providers entering the market. The KC Business VoIP Review has evaluated a number of performance criteria with business respondents, with a high importance placed on the feature set of the service and the provider’s approach to customer service. What has set certain providers a part from the rest has been their particular approach to VoIP call quality management. Even in this day and age, phone calls are the backbone of most businesses. Prospects and customers are still more likely to call for information or discuss concerns than they are to deal with your website. For anyone that still prefers to talk to a real person, call quality matters.

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More Background On KansasCityBusinessVOIP.org

Kansas City Business VoIP services are transforming the way local businesses communicate, offering a plethora of features and benefits over traditional landline systems. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, uses an existing high-speed Internet connection to send and receive calls, providing businesses with a versatile and feature-rich phone system. This technology is not only a replacement for landlines but includes advanced productivity tools often considered add-ons by traditional carriers. VoIP systems in Kansas City, MO, are noted for their ability to deliver enterprise-level features, high-quality calls, improved employee productivity, and scalability for businesses of various sizes at a significantly reduced cost​​.

Local providers like sipVine and Avid Communications are among the favorites in Kansas City, offering customized services that cater to the unique needs of businesses. sipVine emphasizes personalized services, indicating a strong focus on understanding and addressing the specific requirements of each business. They offer a no-term contract policy, aiming to earn business daily through exceptional service. This approach ensures that clients are not tied down by long-term commitments and can expect proactive support and customization from their VoIP provider​​.

Avid Communications, another key player in the Kansas City area, provides a comprehensive range of services including office phones, business internet, cybersecurity, network design, and cloud migration. They focus on eliminating common issues such as expensive plans, delays, and echoes, striving to offer the best options for their clients. Their emphasis on cybersecurity and expert network handling indicates a holistic approach to business communications, ensuring not only effective communication but also the safety and reliability of the business's data infrastructure​​.

The advantages of switching to VoIP for Kansas City businesses are clear. From the extensive list of features like voicemail, auto-attendant, conference calling, caller ID, and more, to the cost savings and enhanced call quality, VoIP is a smart choice for modern businesses. The transition to VoIP has been made easier by local providers who offer tailored services, hands-on support, and a deep understanding of the local business landscape. As the market for VoIP services continues to grow, Kansas City businesses have a solid opportunity to upgrade their communication systems to something that not only meets their current needs but also scales with their growth.



The popularity of VoIP services in Kansas City, Missouri, has been on a significant rise, driven by the technology's cost-effectiveness and the wide array of advanced features it offers businesses of all sizes. This surge in popularity is reflected in the increasing number of businesses transitioning from traditional phone systems to VoIP, attracted by the promise of lower costs without sacrificing call quality or functionality​.

Businesses in Kansas City benefit from VoIP's flexibility, scalability, and the rich feature sets that traditional landline systems simply cannot match. Features such as voicemail, auto-attendant, conference calling, caller ID, and advanced call routing, among others, are often standard with VoIP services. These systems not only support the dynamic needs of modern businesses but also come at a much lower monthly cost compared to traditional phone services​​.

Providers like Nextiva and WheelHouse Solutions have been at the forefront, offering tailored VoIP solutions that cater to the specific needs of Kansas City businesses. Nextiva, for instance, provides a range of packages that include both basic and advanced features such as unlimited calling, internet faxing, voicemail to email delivery, advanced call management, and customer relationship suites. These features are designed to enhance communication, manage prospects, service customers, and facilitate collaboration within teams​​.

WheelHouse Solutions highlights the ability of VoIP to save time and money for businesses, pointing out features like "Find Me/Follow Me" call routing, call screening, automated attendant, conference calling, inbound/outbound call reporting, and employee training tools. These features not only streamline communication but also improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction​​.

The growth of VoIP in Kansas City is also supported by platforms like VoipReview, which provide businesses with tools to compare different VoIP providers based on their plans, pricing, and user ratings. This ease of comparison and the transparency of user reviews contribute to making VoIP an increasingly popular choice among local businesses​​.

In summary, the popularity of VoIP services in Kansas City is well justified by the technology's ability to provide cost-effective, flexible, and feature-rich communication solutions that meet the diverse needs of modern businesses. Whether a company is looking for basic communication tools or a comprehensive suite of advanced features, the VoIP market in Kansas City has mature and reliable options to choose from.



The intended audience for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services in Kansas City encompasses a broad and diverse range of businesses and residential users, each looking for reliable, feature-rich, and cost-effective communication solutions. Here's a breakdown of the primary target audiences for these services:

Small to Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs)

  • SMBs benefit significantly from VoIP's scalability and flexibility, which support their growth without requiring hefty investments in physical infrastructure. Features such as auto-attendant, voicemail to email, and conference calling are particularly beneficial for enhancing their professional image and improving operational efficiency​.

Large Enterprises

  • Large corporations with more complex communication needs and multiple locations find value in VoIP's advanced features like call routing, call recording, and integrations with CRM systems. These services help streamline communications, improve customer service, and facilitate collaboration across different departments and geographical locations​.

Remote and Mobile Workforces

  • Businesses with remote employees or a mobile workforce rely on VoIP for its ability to keep team members connected regardless of their location. Features like "Find Me/Follow Me," mobile apps, and virtual extensions ensure employees remain accessible and can work efficiently from anywhere​.

Industries with Specialized Communication Needs

  • Certain industries, such as healthcare, legal, real estate, and financial services, have specific communication needs that VoIP can address. For instance, VoIP services offering compliance with regulations like HIPAA for healthcare providers or secure, encrypted communications for financial institutions​.

Residential Users

  • Home users looking for an alternative to traditional landline phone services are also a significant audience for VoIP. They are attracted by the lower costs, the convenience of using their broadband connection for phone services, and features like voicemail, caller ID, and call blocking​.

Tech-Savvy Consumers and Early Adopters

  • Individuals and businesses that are keen on leveraging the latest technology advancements to gain a competitive edge or simplify their lives are drawn to VoIP's innovative features, integration capabilities, and the promise of future developments in communication technology​.

In summary, VoIP services in Kansas City cater to a wide-ranging audience, from businesses of all sizes and industries to residential users and tech enthusiasts. The appeal of VoIP lies in its ability to provide customizable, scalable, and cost-effective communication solutions that meet the unique needs and preferences of each user segment.